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Planned Maintenance

All Lift knows forklift and lift equipment service. Our customers count on us to provide planned maintenance on some of the toughest equipment in northern Ohio. And they count on us to manage the maintenance process and ensure productivity at their facility.  By turning over your planned maintenance to us, you enjoy many benefits, including;

  • Planned Maintenance eliminates need to track maintenance service.Worry-free operation of equipment.
  • Increased machine life. Maintenance history proves that customers who do not perform scheduled maintenance have more frequent problems, require, for example more frequent pump repairs and engine rebuild work.
  • Lower cost repairs. Repairs are done on a “fix-before-fail” basis minimizing cost and residual damage. Assures you that service will be performed correctly, systematically and on a timely basis.  No concern that the operator is too busy to do it.
  • Allows for pre-planning.  Customer schedules maintenance when there is no demand for the use of the equipment.
  • Ensures that all replacement parts, fluids and lubricants meet OEM quality specifications to prolong machine life.
  • Many smaller companies do not want to support an in-house service capability.  They can’t cost justify in-house maintenance resources and want to hand off maintenance headaches.
  • Larger companies want to focus on their primary business and not be distracted by the demands of equipment servicing procedures.  We take care of this important function.
  • Although larger multi-unit companies may have “mechanics”, these accounts often lack the technical skills and/or motivation to perform recommended service procedures on a timely basis.
  • Special tools, equipment and technical knowledge of our technicians means the job is completed correctly and more quickly, resulting in less down-time for you.
  • Remote job sites are more easily maintained by dealer field service vehicles
  • Dealer managed forklift planned maintenance on newly purchased or leased forklifts protects residual value and improves up-time.
  • Dealer planned maintenance on older forklifts ensures that proper maintenance gets completed.  Dealer provides the customer a watchdog on wear, increasing the reliability of the units in primary production activities. 
  • Every PM procedure includes comprehensive multi-point safety and operations inspection to help spot the problems before they happen, leading to reduced downtime for your lift truck fleet.
  • Planned maintenance on forklifts eliminates the customer’s need to inventory filters or oil.
  • We perform planned maintenance on any brand, make and model forklift and aerial lift.
As you can see, leaving planned maintenance on your forklift fleet to the pros at All Lift Service just makes good sense.  It leaves you free to tend to what you do best, and leave what we do best, to us. See our video below demonstrating our Planned Maintenance service on an internal combustion forklift, then contact us for a quote tailored to your fleet’s operational requirements.

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