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Forklift and Warehouse Safety Related Articles

Beat the Heat with These Heat Safety Tips – Summer is upon us and heat can bring unsuspected consequences upon our operations. Heat illnesses, accidents and even death are frequently attributed to employees that don’t protect themselves from the heat during summer. Read our tips and learn more at links we have provided.

Forklift Safety Day 2018; What You Can Do – Forklifts can be dangerous pieces of equipment, and June will mark the 5th anniversary of Forklift Safety Day, initiated by the Industrial Truck Association to help bring awareness of the potential dangers in operating lift trucks. Learn what you can do to improve forklift safety in your facility.

OSHA Report; The Cost of Not Protecting Our Workforce – A recent OSHA report examines who pays and how much, when employees are not provided proper safety training, Personal Protection Equipment and machinery that is not maintained properly.

8 Factors Reducing the Safe Lifting Capacity of Your Forklift – When your new forklift is delivered is it rated to lift the stated lift capacity to the max forklift mast height. Over time, as the forklift faces the effects of routine use and service, things can change. These things can dramatic change the safe lifting capacity of your forklift. Learn what they are.

Four Traits of Safey-Minded Companies – As managers and owners, we want a safe work environment for all of our employees. Unfortunately, all too often it escapes us. Time passes quickly, and initiatives that were once important standards become guidelines or even merely suggestions. How can we ensure that when we put safety measures in place, they will stay in place as employees come and go in a business climate that is constantly in flux?

Four Plus Decades of OSHA – Since OSHA was instituted by Richard Nixon in 1971 under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, a lot has changed for the American workforce. Read what OSHA has meant to the safety of the American worker.

Pre-Shift Forklift Inspection Guide – Pre-shift inspections are not only required by OSHA, they have proven to lower overall lift truck fleet costs and produce a safer and more productive environment for your operators. This guide will detail what to inspection and how to inspect it to ensure a thorough inspection. 

The Four Major Benefits of Comprehensive Forklift Operator Training – Besides compliance with OSHA and avoiding fines there are other reasons to conduct an ongoing comprehensive forklift operator training program. This article identifies other reasons that can have a significant impact to your bottom line.

Facility Specific Forklift Operator Training – Keeping your employees safe around forklifts not only requires that each operator be trained for safe forklift operation, they also need to be trained how to operate your equipment with the parameters of your facility operations. 

Forklift Operator Training vs. Teaching: Discover the Differences – There are vasts differences in truly training your forklift operators and merely teaching them. This Feature Article explores the levels of learning and helps you put together a program that truly trains your forklift operators.

Pedestrian Safety is No Accident – When it comes to forklift safety, a lot of emphasis is placed upon safe forklift operation—as it should be. What we see quite frequently, though, is a lack of training for employees working in a warehouse situation but who do not operate forklifts but merely work around them all day, every day. Working around them without knowledge pertaining to their potential hazards creates a dangerous scenario for catastrophe. 

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