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All Lift Service Company Receives Dealer of Merit Award

CLARK Material Handling Company recognizes its top performing dealers in both forklifts and parts on an annual basis. The “Dealer of Merit” is awarded to CLARK dealers and dealer personnel whose outstanding achievements contribute significantly to CLARK truck and parts sales and strengthen CLARK’s position in the marketplace.

All Lift Service Company is proud to announce that we have been awarded the “Dealer of Merit” Award for 2015. Our commitment to customers is matched by the same commitment to our manufacturers and their products.

Clark Material Handling, based is Lexington, KY, has a long history of producing high quality material handling equipment and is considered an innovator in our industry. We are proud of all our employees as well as the great people we work with at Clark for their efforts that lead to us receiving this award. To all we say a hearty THANK YOU!

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